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Midmost Coast: Where History Meets Movies

Welcome to the Midmost Coast podcast. We are where history meets movies. Our podcast episodes rotate between four premises:

HistoryCast 5000: Where we analyze films for historical accuracy.

Very Local History: We use dart throws at a map to find interesting tales from history

Script Bandits: Where we steal ideas for movies from history

Non-Union Films: The stories behind Hollywood outcast films.

You can use our handy episode guide on the website if you want to sort by these topics.

In 2018 we reformatted the show, so history episodes previous to episode 029 tend to be focused around coastal North Carolina. So don’t be scared off if you start in chronological order.

Make sure to subscribe to Midmost Coast’s YouTube channel for fun animated recaps of our historical topics. And follow us on Twitter where we are @midmostcoast.

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