Welcome to Midmost Coast

Welcome to the podcast Midmost Coast, part of the Wilmington Area Media, Inc. network, along with AroundWilmington.com.

Kill some time with hosts Sean Gallagher and Allen Henderson as we talk about things relevant to the port city area, sometimes things with broader relevance, and sometimes things not relevant to anyone. Some shows may feature adult language. But most of that is Sean, he likes casual swearing.

We’re just getting up and running! We have an episode in the can and will be getting it online shortly if it’s not already available. It’s a bit of a double feature on the U.S.S. North Carolina. We went a little long. We went too far. But it’s ok, it’s just for fun. If you’re a friend you can lie and said you listened to the whole thing, it’s ok.

The show is still in some ways in development. We’re interested in talking to potential guests and could probably cut a pretty good early bird special deal to any sponsors looking to support the endeavor and promote their business at the same time.

New show episodes will be posted on MidmostCoast.com, and once we have our feed and submissions working we’ll make available how to find us on iTunes and other popular outlets.

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