Welcome to Midmost Coast

Welcome to the Midmost Coast podcast, we are Where History Meets Movies. We are hosted by Sean Gallagher and Allen Henderson.

Starting with episode 027 we rotate between four show topics.

During HistoryCast 5000 episodes we take a film set in a historical context and examine it for historical accuracy.

In Very Local History shows we use dart throws to pick locales from around the world to find quirky historical tales.

During Script Bandits we dig through history for stories that deserve to be made into a major motion picture.

And during Non-Union Films we take a look at Hollywood outcast films, many of them filmed out of our home base in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Before we settled on these show topics our first 26 episodes alternate between history topics local to the Wilmington area, and film discussions (along with some intermittent interviews). If you’re not from the area you might still enjoy those history shows! But feel free to skip around and look for content that strikes your fancy.

And subscribe to Midmost Coast’s YouTube channel for animated recaps of our newer episodes, Historic Darts (where we decide on our Very Local History topics) and Sean’s Sausage Biscuit Report with Virtual Tour Technology.

And follow us on Twitter where we are @midmostcoast.

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