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Midmost Coast podcast episode 006 | Non-Union Films: Cyborg | A big time movie investigation into the cyborg connection

[Adult Language]

The movie Cyborg threatened the very livelihoods of those it absorbed. The film is a hodgepodge of homages and set pieces from other failed films. Like its namesake, Cyborg itself is a hybrid creature, strangely impervious to damage due to the perverse modifications made to it.

This movie was written in a weekend by the director’s cat.

How much of this summary is true? Listen to “The Cyborg Connection” to find out.

Show Summary

The Rise and Fall of Cannon Films

  • Troma Films and The Toxic Avenger
  • From dubbing skin flicks to making movies based on action figures
  • The 1970 film Joe with Peter Boyle hunting hippies
  • Cannon’s obsession with making an opera
  • Something Something 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Cannon gets their hooks into Superman 4: The Quest for Peace
  • The rights to Spiderman and Captain America
  • Masters of the Universe 2: Cyborg

Making Cyborg

  • Script written in one weekend
  • Control f: punch, change to kick
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme is a national treasure
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme did not appear in National Treasure
  • Movie was made out of the wreckage of Masters of the Universe 2 and Spiderman

Reactions to the Movie

  • Confusing editing
  • Plot makes no sense
  • Grasp of geography is dubious
  • Did any character have a name?
  • Why was there a cyborg in this movie?
  • Effects and costumes were not all bad
  • Random horror movie elements

The Legacy of Cyborg

  • Cyborg 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Angelina Jolie’s first leading role
  • Similarities to Troll 2
  • Movie avoided an X rating due to violence
  • Cyborg “borrowed” from a lot of movies


  • A hand was chopped off
  • A sewer was slowly entered
  • The full split trump card

Local Locations

  • Castle Hayne house from TMNT?
  • Wrightsville Beach
  • An alley downtown, and maybe Castle Street
  • The landfill

The Cyborg Dilemma: A Quiz

  • Shocking trivia about the film is revealed



Cyborg on Blu-ray

Cyborg on DVD

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Cyborg has 5 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

The set for Cyborg was a real dump.

Cyborg appears in this StarNews article about the top ten best movies produced in Wilmington. As one of the worst movies.

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films.

Unrelated scene of Jean-Claude Van Damme dancing in Kickboxer.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is really into doing splits.

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