Interview: The BEEB Takes Wilmington


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Midmost Coast podcast episode 003 | Interview: The BEEB Takes Wilmington | A skee-ball tournament takes place on a battleship

[Adult Language]

In this episode we are joined by two competitive skee-ball players to talk about Wilmington’s local Brewskee-Ball League and the incoming national tournament (aka The BEEB) inbound to the Battleship and Battleship Park.

The Wilmington Brewskee-Ball League currently competes at Orton’s Pool Room on in-season Tuesdays. The BEEB, the national Brewskee-Ball tournament event, is scheduled to take over the Battleship and Battleship Park the weekend of June 10 – 13, 2016.

Sausage Biscuit Report

Also in this podcast episode we double-down on our commitment to Sean’s obsession with reviewing every local breakfast establishment’s take on the sausage biscuit with fruit side in a segment tentatively called “Sean’s Late Night Smooth Jazz Sausage Biscuit Lounge.” This month’s insane mission brought Sean to longtime downtown breakfast institution White Front Breakfast House.

File photo: Sausage Biscuit with Fruit Side at White Front Breakfast House

File photo: Sausage Biscuit with Fruit Side at White Front Breakfast House

Show Summary


  • We start a rivalry between the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore and Carolina Beach
  • Sean recalls Wildwood, New Jersey and a childhood journey across the great sands of the Jersey desert
  • Sean and Allen find a way to talk about Star Trek in a show dedicated to skee-ball

Sean’s Late Night Smooth Jazz Sausage Biscuit Lounge

  • Sean visits local institution White Front Breakfast House
  • Everyone feels uncomfortable with Sean’s descriptions of fruit
  • Fruit Side: 8 out of 10
  • Sausage Biscuit: 4 out of 10
  • Overall Rating: 6 out of 10
Panel: Brewskee-Ball SKEE.E.O. Mary Patman and league competitor Lauren Henderson

Panel: Brewskee-Ball SKEE.E.O. Mary Patman and league competitor Lauren Henderson

Meet the Guests

  • Mary Patman, data analyst by day, SKEE.E.O by night.
  • Lauren Henderson, C.F.O by day, Brewskee-Ball competitor by night
  • The secret council of skee-ball scientists
  • Skee-ball leads to true love
  • Blue Post was the original home of the Wilmington Brewskee-Ball League
  • Point Pleasant versus Wildwood rivalry

Getting to Know Brewskee-Ball

  • Every SKEE.E.O. gets a crash course in electrical engineering
  • Orton’s Pool Room is the current league night location on Tuesdays
  • Plans for expansion
  • How does a match work?
  • Does bowling + darts = skee-ball?
  • The scoring app

Jargon, Strategy, People and Places

  • The full circle
  • Crunching the numbers
  • Evolving strategies
  • Fisk is a magical cookie man
  • Average score inflation
  • The Hundo Dilemma
  • I’m tellin’ y’all it’s a skeebotage

The BEEB and the Battleship

  • How do you move nine skee-ball machines?
  • Austin to Wilmington roadtrip!
  • The main stage at the park, the finals on the deck of the Battleship
  • How The BEEB came into beebing
  • The World Mug Tournament
  • The Final Pour
  • League locations: Brooklyn, Austin, San Francisco, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Los Angeles
  • The Texas PiƱata Massacre
  • The Full Circle Bar

The Trademark Lawsuit

  • Legal dust-up with Skeeball, Inc.
  • What else would you call skee-ball?
  • National media coverage and making peace

The BEEB Sponsors, Logistics and Schedule

  • Hearts Apart non-profit sponsor
  • Tek Mountain sponsors the water taxi
  • Parking?
  • Online BEEB repository
  • Events at Orton’s, Hell’s Kitchen and the Brooklyn Arts Center

General Discussion

  • How do people qualify for nationals?
  • Trace Face!
  • Wilmington punching above their weight class
  • The NSBL is coming
  • Han Rolo
  • Snakes on a Lane
  • ASkee/DSkee
  • Official business skee-ball meetings
  • Free Skee at Orton’s
  • What’s in the safe? Another, heavier safe

So You Think You Know How to Skee-Ball Quiz

  • Guest is pitted against guest with chances to steal, competing for a brief moment of serendipity
  • WikiBEEBia

Photos and Images

The 2016 BEEB Poster by Ella Nilsson Lasater

The BEEB 2016 Poster by Ella Nilsson Lasater

Around Wilmington’s 2014 Austin BEEB photo gallery (Facebook link)


Brewskee-Ball Related Links

The official website of the national league is

The repository page for all things BEEB on

The Facebook page for the Wilmington Brewskee-Ball League.

The online WikiBEEBia.

Stats for the Wilmington league.

Sponsors, Venues and Vendors provides photographs for soon to be deployed military personnel.

Tek Mountain is a Wilmington-based, tech-based incubator and accelerator.

The USS NC Battleship and Battleship Park will host Wilmington’s 2016 BEEB event.

Friday, June 10, the Brooklyn Arts Center will host the Hall of Fame Ceremony.

On Saturday, June 11, Orton’s Pool Room (current home of the Wilmington Brewskee-Ball League) will host an after-party.

Sunday, June 12, Hell’s Kitchen will host the second after-party get together.

Tek Mountain is sponsoring the Wilmington Water Tours water taxi service for use during The BEEB.

Facts, Trivia, Places and Nonsense

“The History of Skee-Ball Machines” on

Around Wilmington’s 2014 article on The BEEB in Austin.

Wikipedia’s article on the game of skee-ball. Alternate spellings include “skeeball” and “skee ball.” Rarely but sometimes called “skee roll”.

Wildwood, New Jersey was once lush with skee-ball machines.

Point Pleasant Beach has its own boardwalk empire.

The Carolina Beach Boardwalk is awesome and expanding.

The Youtube link to the amusement park ride bolt-dropping prank video. [Explicit Language]

Did early skee-ball machines employ the techniques of a Mechanical Turk? No. But here is an article on them.

Milk Bar makes the delicious cookies in Brooklyn that Fisk brought us.

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