Very Local History: Waffle House Coming Soon


In this Very Local History episode we tackle the concept of “urban renewal,” using Wilmington, North Carolina as a case study.

In the 1970’s the Downtown Area Revitalization Effort was formed to spearhead the transformation of the languishing central business district back into a center of commerce. But the story begins long before this, spanning decades of history that paralleled momentous national trends that were affecting the very heart of American cities. Read More …

Aquatic Mutant German Zombies


A concrete vessel, built in Wilmington NC, becomes a rum runner’s floating liquor cabinet, runs aground off Florida, then is taken over by Nazi zombies. Read More …

The Shipbuilding Epoch


Buckle up for a crash course in the bygone industry of local shipbuilding, as well as anecdotes that will sound too crazy to be true. Read More …