Holiday Special: Revenge of Dawson’s Creek


Last year the Midmost Coast podcast took a look at the pilot episode of Dawson’s Creek, a teen drama produced out of our home base in Wilmington, North Carolina. Its impact to the area’s television and film production community was significant, bringing other productions and talent to the area.

Despite this we decided it was horrible and to never watch it again. This month, one year later, we watched it again. This time we chose a Christmas themed episode from the last season. We are joined by two panel guests to help us get through it. Read More …

Very Local History: It’s Always Sunny at the Ammunition Depot


Just upstream from the mouth of the Cape Fear River is a restricted military base, occupying thousands of acres of sprawling and undeveloped wetlands. Within it runs miles and miles of railway that leads to nowhere.

The base is Sunny Point, also known as MOTSU, and the story of its creation begins with three catastrophic explosions in the early and mid twentieth century. Read More …

Holiday Special: A One Tree Hill of Beans


We take a break form being serious with a holiday bonus episode. Our home base of Wilmington has hosted not one but two teen television dramas.

Watching these shows is co-host Sean Gallagher’s worst nightmare. Read More …

Holiday Special: A Very Creeky Episode


In this episode we torture cohost Sean Gallagher by forcing him to watch the pilot episode of Dawson’s Creek. We assembled a casual panel of watchers to revisit the pilot episode of this iconic Wilmington-based production and give our cheeky analysis on this Creeky topic. Read More …