Interview: Filmmaker Evan Kidd


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Midmost Coast podcast episode 014 | Filmmaker Evan Kidd

In this bonus episode we talk with filmmaker Evan Kidd about his film Son of Clowns, its appearance at the Cucalorus Film Festival, and the future of filmmaking in North Carolina.


Son of Clowns was featured in numerous film festivals including the 2016 Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC. It can currently be viewed through Amazon Prime Video. It was produced under Rockset Productions.

Evan Kidd previously directed the documentary Spazz Out! examining an underground music festival in Greenville, NC. At the time of this interview he was working on the script for the new feature, and has wrapped production for the documentary Run of the Picture.

Here is part one and part two of Midmost Coast’s coverage of the 2016 Cucalorus Film Festival (episodes 009 and 010).

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