Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Midmost Coast rotates between four premises for our podcast episodes. You can view them by category here.

HistoryCast 5000 Episodes

On certain episodes we wheel out the volatile HistoryCast 5000 machine, which was meant to analyze films for historical accuracy. It was not, however, meant to gain sentience and enslave its creators.

We hope to patch out this bug in the next optional firmware update. But you can sort the podcast episodes and video posts for HistoryCast 5000 content here.

Very Local History Episodes

We began our Very Local History episodes by combing through our home base in North Carolina for unique tales from the past. While we have a healthy backlog of those episodes, in newer episodes we rely on dart skills and fate to pick the area of the world we put under the microscope.

Sort by Very Local History podcast episodes and Historic Darts videos here.

Script Bandits Episodes

In our Script Bandits podcast episodes we make a pitch to adapt an ignored subject from history into a (good) movie.

Find our Script Bandits episodes and related videos here.

Non-Union Films Episodes

In our Non-Union Films podcast episodes we stray into less serious film history discussions on movies that are, in some manner, Hollywood outcasts.

Sort our podcast episodes and related content by Non-Union Films here.