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Midmost Coast podcast episode 001 | Encyclopedia Battleshipica | A look back at the USS NC from World War II to present day

In April of 2016 the USS North Carolina, which watches over Wilmington’s downtown from the Cape Fear River, turns 75 years old. We revisit World War II from the perspective of this battleship, and follow it throughout history from weapon of war to memorial.

Show Summary


  • In the introduction we perpetuate the urban legend that the Statue of Liberty is technically in New Jersey.*
  • More than one attorney general is called a flock of attorneys general.

* Apparently Liberty Island is in fact part of Manhattan, but is surrounded by New Jersey waters.

A Lot of History

  • The Washington Naval Treaty and the real cause of Japan’s entry into World War II? Not really but it sounds pretty tantalizing.
  • The USS North Carolina vs. The Tirpitz? More like Nopitz.
  • Technical talk.
  • The Pacific theater and the end of World War II.
  • School children take over the mothballed battleship, remain at large for years.
  • USS North Carolina arrives in Wilmington.

Trivia, Small Town Mysteries and Movies

  • Where did the movies on the Battleship go?
  • Why do so many derelict vessels sink during towing?
  • Why does a storm make a ship travel through time under certain conditions?
  • Mario Van Peebles?
  • What does the future hold for the USS North Carolina and other retired naval vessels?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot

  • Allen unfairly makes Sean look bad with the official Battleship quiz.
  • The ship’s compliment included a court jester, a ferrier, and a bookbinder


The official website of the USS North Carolina has an updated list of tours, events, and other pertinent information.

We found out what V-mail was, and it’s pretty interesting. Thanks, Wikipedia.

The Beeb is the national Brewskee-Ball championship, and it’s coming to the Battleship.

If you need more history here is an incredible photo archive of the USS North Carolina.

Sink the Bismark!

A Youtube link to the proposed dry-berth housing for Battleship Texas

The StarNews investigates why the plug was pulled on the light show and the Fantail Film Festival

Some ships that met a bad end under tow: HMS Warspite, USS Oklahoma, Murmansk, SS America, USS Monitor, Kulluk, HMS Vanguard.

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