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Midmost Coast

Midmost Coast: Where History Meets Movies

The Podcast

The Midmost Coast podcast combines a love of history and movies, breaking down our topics in a comedic talk format. Our show is non-political and is usually light-hearted. Podcast episodes may contain adult language.

We started as a regionally themed podcast, so some of the earlier episodes in our catalogue reference our home base in Wilmington, North Carolina. Wilmington is also home to the EUE/Screen Gems film studios which inspired our Non-Union Films show topics.

We’ve reformatted to make our show’s content to be universally interesting and “non local,” while still keeping that casual down home feeling.

Colonial nautical map

From Episode 013 “Very Local History: Bizarro Wilmington”

Our “quasi monthly” episodes currently rotate between our four show premise topics.

  • HistoryCast 5000: Examining films for historical accuracy
  • Very Local History: Throwing darts at a map and finding stories from history
  • Script Bandits: Stealing movies ideas from neglected history
  • Non-Union Films: The stories behind Hollywood outcast films

If you want to view podcast episodes sorted by these topics, visit the episode guide here.

Shock Waves the movie

This film was, somehow, funded by money from John D. MacArthur


Midmost Coast currently has a regular episode release every second and fourth Monday, rotating through our regular show topics.

How to Listen

Here are some helpful listening links:

Our show is available through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and most anywhere you get your podcasts. You can also listen in the web browser through the audio player on each episode post.

Usually you can just search “Midmost Coast” through your favorite podcast platform. Some platforms may ask you to add the podcast’s RSS feed directly, ours is located here.

If you have trouble getting our show or have any questions or suggestions please contact us!

Our YouTube Channel

Still shot from YouTube video

Midmost Coast is doing fun things on our YouTube channel. We have abbreviated animated recaps of episode topics, our Historic Darts competition, and Sean’s Sausage Biscuit Virtual Tour.

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