About the Show

Midmost Coast is a Super Good Podcast

Midmost Coast is the podcast with the most roast ghost. Tagline pending.

Each episode we find a hidden gem, pull a loose thread, poke a bear or shine a flashlight on a forgotten local relic. We look for that certain overlooked something that has a compelling or funny story to tell listeners around the world.

We revisit the good and bad of local film and TV productions. We peer into the windows, crawlspaces and tunnels of forgotten historical buildings. We visit strange and unique local events. We talk to charities and non-profits about what makes them love doing the thing that they do.

Midmost Coast is hosted by Sean Gallagher and Allen Henderson out of Wilmington, North Carolina. On the podcast we tackle topics relevant to any coast, as well as local topics of interest. We try to be humorous and informative, and some episodes can contain moderate adult language.

Our show is accessible through iTunes and Google Play, as well as directly through this website and some other platforms. Visit the How to Listen page to find out more about, well, how to listen.

Our current schedule is monthly (publishing right around the end of each month).