Holiday Special: A Very Creeky Episode


Midmost Coast podcast episode 012 | Holiday Special: A Very Creeky Episode

[Episode Contains Adult Language and Discussion of Adult Topics]

In this holiday bonus episode, we torture cohost Sean Gallagher by forcing him to watch the pilot episode of Dawson’s Creek. Our panel of casual watchers to revisits the pilot episode of this iconic Wilmington based production and give our cheeky analysis on this Creeky topic.

The Dawson's Creek panel

Lauren Henderson and Jenny Keeling join a disgruntled Sean Gallagher to discuss Dawson’s Creek

Hamilton saying OH YEAH

At the end of the show we award tickets to Hamilton on Broadway to a panelist

Dawson’s Creek: Season 1 Episode 1

Dawson's Creek title card

This is less of a creek and more the Intracoastal Waterway

Joey and Dawson

The opening scene sets up Joey and Dawson, as well as firmly establishing they are in the era of CRT monitors and 4:3 aspect ratios

Thalian Hall in Dawson's Creek

Historic theater Thalian Hall makes an appearance in the first epiosde

Show Summary


  • Introducing the panel

Talkin’ Dawson’s Creek

  • Initial impressions
  • It was a fairly explicit show
  • Dawson, Joey, and the rest
  • How to Clarissa Explains It All into a bedroom window
  • “Walking your dog”
  • James Van Der Blank
  • Trouble with the theme song in streaming
  • The Dawson crying meme
  • Six seasons, 128 episodes
  • Looking at the drinking game rules
  • The location of Dawson’s house
  • The first season was written by Scream screenwriter Kevin Williamson

Dawson’s Creek Trivia Quiz

  • The grand prize is a subscription to our Secret After Hours Club
  • The consolation prize is tickets to Hamilton on Broadway

Wrapping up

  • How to find Midmost Coast
  • Next history episode topic ideas


Samuel L. Jackson helps spoof Dawson’s Creek at the 1998 MTV Music Awards in this Youtube clip.

Children’s author Stephanie Faris talks about music vanishing from television shows, including the original Dawson’s Creek theme.

The Huffington Post gives some more industry background on the theme song change post-broadcast.

The original opening sequence to Dawson’s Creek on YouTube.

Television classic WKRP in Cincinnati is perhaps the most notable example of music licensing changing the shape of a show post-broadcast. Its depiction of popular music was integral to the soul of the show, and was stripped out in syndication due to licensing issues and replaced with soundalikes. But don’t worry a revamped DVD release, restoring the original music, went on sale in 2014, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Dawson’s Creek on IMDb.

Buzzfeed breaks down exactly when the Dawson’s “crying face” happens in excruciating detail with some Tumblr-quality gifs.

mental_floss shares some Dawson’s Creek trivia.

You can find Dawson’s Creek on Hulu.

The StarNews talks about shooting locations around Wilmington that can still be visited.

Thalian Hall has been in use since 1858 and is located in downtown Wilmington, and its interior appears in this episode during the theater scene.

The Hell’s Kitchen bar depicted in the show, much like Pinocchio, came to life and is a real restaurant-bar based off the shooting location in downtown Wilmington.

In this promo for the Nickelodeon series Clarissa Explains It All we must question if the relationship between Joey and Dawson was based on Sam and Clarissa.

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