Interview: A Serious Art Attack


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Episode 11 - A Serious Art Attack

[Episode Contains Adult Language]

Midmost Coast is joined by artists Darren Mulvenna and Aundrea Wilson to talk about their ongoing work and current shows. Painter Darren Mulvenna talks about his project Mimicri, which involves jewelry dedicated to saving imperiled pollinator species. Sculptor Aundrea Wilson gives us a preview of her organic and surreal 3D pieces which are currently on display at the Leland Cultural Arts Center.

In addition to the online storefront you can find the Mimicri line this Saturday, December 3rd at the 2016 WILMA Expo.

Aundrea Wilson’s work is currently on display at the Leland Cultural Arts Center as part of her show “The Merge,” along with Bev Haley’s show “Dreaming in Color.” The shows will continue through December 29 and the official reception is December 8 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Artist Darren Mulvenna

Artist Darren Mulvenna

Artist Aundrea Wilson

Artist Aundrea Wilson

The interview with Darren begins around 08:55 and Aundrea joins us around the 32:30 mark.

Sean Gallagher and the Quest for the Holy Sausage Biscuit

Famous Toastery built a restaurant in Wilmington, causing Sean to immediately teleport on premises. He said nothing but “Sausage biscuit. Side of fruit” over and over until he was served. He ate his food wordlessly, nodded, then vanished in a puff of smoke. This all took place during morning prep before the doors were even open.

Sausage biscuit from Famous Toastery

Does Famous Toastery’s sausage biscuit sway Sean’s favor?

How did the restaurant chain’s take on this breakfast sandwich hold up to Sean’s exacting standards? Find out in this episode.

Show Summary


  • Sean reviews Famous Toastery’s sausage egg and cheese biscuit
  • We segue from the Segway
  • Episode name brainstorming
  • Setting up the interviews

Artist Darren Mulvenna

  • Darren’s artistic bona fides
  • Experimenting with prints
  • Mimicri as a vehicle to promote the cause of imperiled pollinators
  • The Pollinator Partnership
  • Butterflies, moths, beetles and bats
  • Line of guitar picks
  • Save the Beatles!
  • The monarch earring line
  • The Monarch Massacre
  • Pesticide use and the Zika response
  • How it’s made
  • Green packaging
  • Kimonos
  • The WILMA Expo
  • Hurricane Matthew relief event
  • American Samoa inspired series

Artist Aundrea Wilson

  • Artistic and professional background
  • The sculpting process
  • A show about merging and identity
  • “Mother Mother,” a unique piece utilizing negative space and carpenter bees
  • The Leland Cultural Arts Center
  • The watercolor work of Bev Haley
  • There will be beer, wine and art at the opening
  • Upcoming show at Acme Art Studios in June 2017

Late Breaking Tom Hanks News

  • This segment will not be returning

Wrapping Up and Next Show Talk

  • Recapping
  • Beautiful fonts!
  • Sean’s shout out to models
  • The art scene around Wilmington
  • The Fourth Friday Gallery Walk
  • Plan to crash the 2017 flotilla
  • The looming threat of Dawson’s Creek
  • History brainstorming
  • How not to dispose of asbestos

Preview of the Secret After Hours Club Extras

  • In which something was edited out


The Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly

“The Red-Spotted Purple” of the Mimicri line

Detail of sculpture "Mother Mother" by Aundrea Wilson

Detail of sculpture “Mother Mother” by Aundrea Wilson

Mimicri model

Mmicri model wearing the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

"Tidal Waves" by Aundrea Wilson

“Tidal Waves” by Aundrea Wilson

Polar Bear Displacement Replacement

“Polar Bear Displacement Replacement” by Darren Mulvenna


You can find the current Mimicri line at You can also find his art on Fine Art America through

Aundrea Wilson’s captivating ceramic work can be seen online at

Here is the official website for the Leland Cultural Arts Center, also known as the LCAC.

Acme Art Studios is located at 711 North 5th Street in downtown Wilmington, NC.

You can get information about the 2016 WILMA Expo at the Wilmington Convention Center here.

Support the bees (and other pollinators) through the Pollinator Partnership.

The Washington Post on “the monarch massacre.”

Sean spoke very highly of Famous Toastery’s sausage biscuit offering.

Tavern Law and Bourgie Nights will be hosting a benefit for flooding victims of hurricane Matthew. The Star News reports on One Tree Hill’s James Lafferty serving as guest bartender for the event.

Fourth Friday Gallery Nights via the Arts Council of Wilmington’s website.

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