A One Tree Hill of Beans


A One Tree Hill of Beans – Episode 017

A One Tree Hill of Beans

We didn’t knock ourselves out naming this episode

With the annual One Tree Hill convention hitting Wilmington this weekend (May 5 – 7, 2017) we decided to tackle the pilot episode of this teen drama, which made made it to nine seasons and featured plot lines about feelings, and things in your heart, and emotions, and also basketball.

Jenny Keeling and Anna Warburton rejoin the show this episode. Sadly, Sean’s Sausage Biscuit Review does not. But it will return.

This episode features adult language and discussion of adult topics.

The Scientific Method

..was not used in Sean’s F*** Marry Kill Quiz

Freak, Marry, Kill

Sean’s Freak Marry Kill Inquiry Form

A Visual Quiz

Allen forgot people can’t see pictures on a podcast. Here’s a snippet of this Midmost Coast episode on YouTube, featuring important visual aids.

Welcome to Season 3!

Thanks for joining us for our latest season. We have a few unique historical topics planned along with another movie review of a well known Wilmington-based production.

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