Holiday Special: A One Tree Hill of Beans


Midmost Coast podcast episode 017 | Holiday Episode: One Tree Hill

We take a break form being serious with a holiday bonus episode. Our home base of Wilmington has hosted not one but two teen television dramas.

Watching these shows is co-host Sean Gallagher’s worst nightmare.

So we make him watch the pilot episode of this teen drama. One Tree Hill made it to nine seasons and featured plot lines about feelings, and things in your heart, and emotions, and also basketball.

This episode features adult language and discussion of adult topics.

The Scientific Method

..was not used in Sean’s F*** Marry Kill Quiz

Freak, Marry, Kill

Sean’s Freak Marry Kill Inquiry Form

A Visual Quiz

Allen forgot people can’t see pictures on a podcast. Here’s a snippet of this Midmost Coast episode on YouTube, featuring important visual aids.

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